Michael Kranz

Michael Kranz

College of Biological Sciences - 2019

Where is he now?

Pursuing a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine.

How did the Pre-Health Student Resource Center support you in your goal of becoming a health professional? 

The PHSRC has been there for me since the start of my undergraduate education. The Future Physician classes helped me get a better grasp as to what being a physician entitles while confirming my desire that medicine is the life for me. I also had the privilege to study abroad in Thailand with them which was one of the best experiences of my undergraduate career and really helped me develop my cultural competence and get a different perspective on healthcare. The workshops and personal statement classes also really helped me articulate my passion for medicine while understanding the tedious application process and what I need to do to be a competitive applicant. Dana Lovold and Tricia Todd helped me a lot getting my application and personal statement ready. The PHSRC was also there for me when it was time to interview with mock MMI preps and online resources.

What piece of advice would you give to someone exploring or preparing a health profession?

A piece of advice would be to remain positive. I lost count of the times that I questioned if I was good enough to be a doctor or if everything I was doing would be worth it in the end. I promise the acceptance call is well worth the years of hard work you put in!

How did you know this was the right path for you?

My experience working as a medical scribe and being able to witness the privilege of the physician provider relationship was arguably the moment when I was confident this was the right path for me. I am ecstatic to have similar meaningful relationships with patients and have a profound  impact on their life. 

Do you have any favorite pop culture, social media, or academic sources that have helped you learn about your profession? 

I enjoyed watching some "Youtubers" that helped me learn about the premed journey and medical field while also helping me stay motivated such as TheStrivetoFit, EJFit, Med School Insiders, Dr. Buck, and White Coat Chronicles.