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Get Help Preparing for a Health Program

Our interactive online workshops with follow-up, in-person meetings are packed with helpful advice, video clips, and short exercises to help you best prepare your health professional program application. Whether you are writing your personal statement, practicing for your interview, or developing a comprehensive action plan for medical school, our workshops will get you ready.

Each online workshop can be done on your own time, at your own pace. Access them as much as you want at anytime, 24/7/365. Upon completing a workshop, meet with a counselor for some one-on-one personalized feedback.

As you write your personal statement or create a personalized action plan, our online workshops will help you break down the processes and get organized.

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Planning for Medical School

This workshop is designed to help you get organized and understand what you need to do to be a competitive medical school applicant.

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Personal Statements for a Health Program

This online workshop will give you the structure you seek when you are preparing your statement for health professional programs.

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Interviewing for a Health Program

This online workshop guides you through the interview process.

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Explore Public Health

This online workshop introduces you to the broad and complex field of public health, helping you navigate the education options available.

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Global Ambassadors for Patients Safety

The GAPS online workshop is designed for all students who are going abroad to volunteer in a healthcare setting.

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Career Changers

This online workshop will walk you through the decision-making process as you work towards a new career as a health professional.

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Code U

This online workshop helps high school students think through the process of planning for college and a health career.

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