Health Profession Pathways Initiative

The Health Profession Pathways Initiative is an effort to build more equitable curricular and co-curricular experiences and outcomes for students historically underrepresented in health professions.

Silhouette of Minnesota with each UMN Campus noted

The Pre-Health Student Resource Center spearheaded this system-wide initiative in Oct 2018, by bringing together a system-wide task force that has been working together to:

  • identify implementable strategies to reduce or eliminate barriers that students face
  • develop enrichment opportunities for students and the larger UMN community, and
  • strengthen collaboration in student support services for pre-health students from underrepresented populations

A Brief Overview of the HPPI

  • An overarching goal of the HPPI is to contribute to building a diverse health workforce that is representative of the overall population of the state of Minnesota.
  • The work of the HPPI has built productive relationships across all 5 UMN system campuses.
  • The HPPI Task Force examined the landscape of current support services for pre-health students, as well as diagnosing gaps and strategies to address them.
  • The Task Force also deliberated extensively to identify and analyze the range of barriers pre-health students face, in order to ensure that future strategies align with the needs of the student population.
  • One outcome of the work of the Task Force is that the Pre-Health Student Resource Center implemented two new student programs during 2019-2020, the First-Gen Pre-Health Workshop Series and the Pre-Health LEAD program

Click here to access a PDF about the work of the Health Profession Pathways Initiative.