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Are you an international student looking to apply to medical school or another health professional program? Or are you an international citizen who has a healthcare degree from outside of the United States, but wish to work in the U.S. using that degree?

Applying to a health professional program

If you are an international student with plans to apply to a health professional program, it is important to learn each school's policy regarding accepting international students. Some accept many, some accept none or very few. 


University of Minnesota Medical School

A frequently asked question found on the University of Minnesota Medical School's website: Does the University of Minnesota Medical School accept international students?

Beginning with the matriculating class of 2016 we will not be accepting international students. Until then, we do accept international students, but the competition for space is very high. On average, we receive over 300 applications from international students, but can only take two international students per application cycle. Also, all international students will be expected to assume total responsibility for financing their medical education. They should be prepared to present detailed financial plans of how they will provide the resources necessary to meet expenses, including tuition at the non-resident rate.

For more details, please review the policy on international students at the University of Minnesota Medical School-Twin Cities.

University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy

International Applicants and Coursework

Foreign Health Professional Graduates seeking work in the United States

If you are a graduate from a foreign college or university, look at the resources below for information on your specific profession, if you wish to become licensed in the United States.

Other Resources