Program Requirements

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Pathways student working in a lab with faculty member
Pathways students learning about Medical Laboratory Science in AHS 1104

As a Pathways student, you will participate in exclusive activities throughout your undergraduate career, including hands-on experiences in simulation labs, coaching from health professional school students, visits to health care settings, and more.

These opportunities will help you build the knowledge, skills, and qualities (sometimes referred to as competencies) and meet the requirements necessary to be competitive for application to a health professional program.

Your experiences in the Pathways program will be personalized based on a number of considerations - your career goals, your strengths and motivations, and your support needs.

Pathways Program Course Outline

Students in the Health Profession Pathways program have certain PHSRC courses that are either required or highly recommended for them to take during their undergraduate career. 

The courses listed here are all taught by Pre-Health Student Resource staff, and are focused on important steps along a student's pre-health journey. Read more about these and all the courses offered by the PHSRC. 

CourseRequired or RecommendedTiming
AHS 1101, 1102, 1611, or 1612required (one of the listed courses)During your first two years of undergraduate
AHS 1104requiredSpring semester, first-year
AHS 1613recommendedSecond year and beyond
AHS 2301recommendedSecond year and beyond
AHS 3401requiredDuring year prior to health professional school application
Student working in a lab dropping liquid in test tube
students cleaning fake plaque off model mouth
student practicing doing laparoscopic surgery
student measuring angle on a leg, learning about physical therapy