Program Requirements

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If you are accepted into the Health Profession Pathways program, you 
will participate in a variety of required and elective activities throughout your undergraduate career. 

These activities include career exploration courses, hands-on experiences in simulation labs, coaching from health professional school students, visits to campus and community health care settings, and more.

These opportunities will help you build the knowledge, skills, and qualities (sometimes referred to as competencies) and meet the requirements necessary to be competitive for application to a health professional program.

Pathways student working in a lab with faculty member
Pathways students learning about Medical Laboratory Science in AHS 1104

Your experiences in the Pathways program will be personalized based on a number of considerations - your career goals, your strengths and motivations, and your support needs.

There are activities that all Pathways students participate in, as well as opportunities to shape your own journey so it reflects who you are, and where you want to go. 

Program Components 

Required Components - Year 1

The Health Profession Pathways program experience kicks off on July 16 with the Emerge: Summer STEM Program. Emerge is a four-week, residential, on-campus program that runs from July 16 - August 13. Pathways students will join other STEM interested PES students for this program. Participation in the summer program includes:

  • A $2,000 stipend
  • A one-credit UMN course, graded A-F, taught during summer
  • Friday excursions to STEM and Healthcare sites
  • Room and board covered in a UMN Residence Hall
  • Community building and networking activities 

Once the academic year begins, Pathways students will participate in the following required activities:

  • Meet regularly with your Pathways Coaching Team, which includes PHSRC staff, your PES peer mentor, etc. This will be a total of approx. 2-3 meetings per semester.  
    • Work with PHSRC staff on your Pre-Health Action Plan
  • Meet with Health Science Student Coaches, 1-2 times semester
  • Participate in Pathways workshops and attend specific PHSRC events like the Health Careers Fair 
  • Enroll in specific credit courses, including pre-health exploration courses from the PHSRC, and a personalized section of an academic success course. More details on the required course enrollments found in the next box. 

Additional opportunities may arise during Year 1 in the Pathways program, including shadowing at local clinics and hospitals.

Key Components Years 2-4

Students will work with their Pathways support team to build out a personalized plan that will shape their curricular and co-curricular experiences. Some of these experiences will be required to meet program requirements, some highly recommended. This list below gives some examples of the types of required and highly recommended experiences. 

  • Continue building out your Pre-Health Action Plan 
  • Participate in meaningful shadowing and volunteering programs 
  • Enroll in AHS 2400: Writing a Personal Statement (in year of application to a health professional program)
  • Engage in mentorship & networking with health professional school students and faculty
  • Participate in Pathways workshops and attend specific PHSRC events like the Health Professional School Expo
Highly Recommended 
  • Serve as peer coach to younger Pathways students
  • Conduct research either independently or within a structured program 
  • Participate in pre-health leadership programming

Pathways Course Requirements - Year 1

Students who are enrolled Health Profession Pathways are required to enroll in the following courses during their first year in the program (Fall 2022 and Spring 2023). 

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Fall 2022

Pathways students have one Pathways specific required course that they need to register for as part of their Fall 2022 semester enrollment.  

  1. One pre-health exploration course (1 credit) with the PHSRC: Students will choose either AHS 1101, or AHS 1102, or AHS 1600
More about these courses

For students who are exploring a variety of health career interests, register for AHS 1101 or 1102:

  • AHS 1101: Orientation to Health Careers, 1 credit, online, course delivery TBD (typically taught in-person, final decision coming soon for Fall 2022 delivery)
  • AHS 1102: Orientation to Health Careers, 1 credit, fully online, asynchronous 

For students who are coming in with an interest in medicine (pre-med):

  • AHS 1600: The Future Physician I - Medicine in the 21st Century, 1 credit, taught in-person, Wednesdays from 3:35 - 4:25pm

Spring 2023

Pathways students are required to enroll in the following courses for Spring 2023. 

  1. AHS 1104: Experiences in Health
  2. LASK 1001: Mastering Skills for College Success
More about these courses
  • AHS 1104: Experiences in Health, 2 credits, in-person, Friday afternoons (time TBD)
    • This course will give Pathways students a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes in the U of M Health Science schools and colleges for hands-on career exploration opportunities. More information about this course can be found below. 
  • LASK 1001: Mastering Skills for College Success, 2 credits, time TBD
    • This specific Pathways section of LASK 1001 will be another opportunity for Pathways students to learn together in a cohort experience. The road to health professional programs includes rigorous science prerequisite coursework, which then only gets more challenging when you enter health professional programs. Building this course into the first year of the Pathways program will help students to master key skills including: effective study habits, critical thinking strategies, time and stress management, etc. This will set them up to meet the challenges ahead and be prepared to enter into a health degree program.