Bin Huang

Bin Huang wearing his white coat

College of Biological Science, Class of 2018

Where is he now?

Pursuing a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Campus

How did the Pre-Health Student Resource Center support you in your goal of becoming a health professional? 

I worked with PHSRC in many ways: through the Future Physician courses, learning abroad experiences (both India and Thailand!), pre-health career counseling, personal statement course and workshop, interviewing workshops, and many more! These resources were incredibly beneficial towards my experience at the U of M and application to medical school. I am incredibly grateful and excited to learn how to interact with patients and provide competent care to marginalized communities in my future career.

What piece of advice would you give to someone exploring or preparing a health profession?

My biggest advice is to get started early! Utilize the resources in PHSRC to enhance your undergraduate learning experience as a whole. I used the resources to explore my interest in healthcare, which in turn, helped guide me to what I was truly passionate about. Your interests might change throughout college, and that is totally fine, you just have to talk to someone about it! Have them guide you in the right direction.

How did you know this as the right path for you?

When I was five years old, my family immigrated to the United States from China. Throughout the years, we endured many challenges, including being an immigrant in the US and navigating a new culture and language. We faced the most apparent challenge in healthcare. As a child, I frequently accompanied my father to clinic visits for hypertension and breathing issues because language interpretation services were not available. On numerous occasions physicians instructed him to quit smoking; however, given the large language barrier, neither of us fully understood the health risks associated with smoking. Since smoking is a cultural norm for Chinese men, my father never considered quitting. As I began to understand the dangers of smoking, I explained to my father that he could have a reduced lifespan as a result, prompting him to reconsider his decision to continue. My father’s experience motivated me to pursue a career providing care to others who struggle to understand the repercussions of their choices due to cultural barriers and inadequate health literacy. I want to be a physician who serves diverse communities, promotes holistic approaches to health, and builds empathetic patient relationships.

Do you have any favorite pop culture, social media, or academic sources that have helped you learn about your profession? 

Favorite pop culture or academic media to learn about my profession: reading Atul Gawande books and listening to their various TED talks and Dr. Mike on YouTube.