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The Health Profession Pathways program was born out of the work of the Health Profession Pathways Initiative which the PHSRC began in 2018.

The Health Profession Pathways Initiative has a goal of building a more diverse health professional workforce in Minnesota by increasing enrollment for well-prepared students from historically underrepresented communities into health professional programs by reducing barriers that exist for students and building out new opportunities.

2021-2022: A Pilot Year 

For this inaugural year, the Health Profession Pathways program is operating in pilot mode.

We expect to learn a great deal from student participants and program partners, and will be offering the first group of enrolled Pathways students many opportunities to share their feedback with us on their experience in the program.

As we begin this first year, we are continuing to build out experiences for Pathways years 2, 3, and 4, as well as adapting first year experiences for next year’s incoming class. 

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