Health Communication

The Profession

Who they are: Health communication specialists plan and execute communication campaigns that aim to increase awareness and understanding of healthcare issues.

What they do: Health communication specialists distribute information on disease prevention or health policy; promote public health and improve quality of life; develop messages for health promotion and advocacy, carry out communication research and evaluate the effectiveness of message strategies. They tailor health messaging for target audiences and draw on fields such as public health, marketing and social and behavioral sciences to develop messaging strategies.
Where they work: Health communication specialists work in public relations firms, educational administrations, governmental agencies, or healthcare facilities.

Outlook: Health communication jobs are expanding quickly. In the next ten years, the number of jobs in this field is expected to grow by 11%.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


Most health communications jobs require a Master's degree. Many schools have Master’s in Health Communication programs, some of which can even be completed online! Other institutions offer Communications degrees with the option to specialize in health communication. You can find a full list of health communications programs here.