Style and Personality

Students listen to a professor in class

Your personality and interpersonal style are important aspects to consider as you move forward in making your career decision. Your work will be more enjoyable and rewarding when your responsibilities and work environment align with your natural tendencies, preferences, interpersonal style, and personality.

Think about the following questions. Your preferences will help you determine which profession is a good fit for you.

  • Do you prefer to interact with others one-on-one, or as part of a group?
  • Do you prefer to work on specific tasks, or look at the big picture?
  • Do you prefer to work from a detailed schedule, or have flexibility in your work day?
  • Do you like to have a predetermined workload, or have lots of variety in your work from day-to-day?

Identify your personality and interpersonal style using available resources (listed to the right). Use assessment tools to help you understand yourself, how you relate to others, and how your work environment can be aligned to your natural tendencies and preferences. 

Determine the personality and interpersonal style characteristics of your chosen profession. Start by reading through the descriptions of the different health professions to see if your personality and interpersonal style are congruent with your intended health profession. Next, talk to professionals who are practicing in your area(s) of interest, to understand the daily roles, responsibilities and daily work environment of the health career you are considering.

Checkpoint: How does your personality align with your chosen health career?

To get a taste of the daily roles, responsibilities, and work environment of the profession you are considering, gain some experience in that area by volunteering or working in a health care setting that features the profession you are planning to pursue. To get started, look at the employment and volunteer opportunities listed through GoldPASS, the University-wide job posting service. Check the listings often, as they are continually updated.